I love emailing my clients with the link to their online gallery and I am always honoured and grateful for the lovely email responses they send me in return. Here are a few that melted my heart:


Yard Yoga

"Sarah!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL. You talented woman! I love your work! Whoohooo so happy with this!"


Dani Ramaekers

"The pictures are amazing!!!!!

Thanks you so, so ,so much, I am really stoked with them and very grateful for the time and effort you put in. Plus giving me so many images, I can't wait to use them."


Victoria Auton

"Amazing !!! Thank you so so much hon, I LOVE them !! 😊 I really enjoyed the experience and hanging out, you made me feel so relaxed when I usually hate having my photo taken ! " 


"OMG THEY ARE WONDERFUL! There are loads of great pictures. I am so pleased with them" - Sarah Williams

"Oh you darling girl! Love love love!!!  Thank you for your fabulous work, you amazing talent!" - Jane Lowe, Yoga Connection

"I love them, you definitely have a gift"   - Clare Harmonise training Academy 

"Your photographs are very beautiful and you clearly have a talent" - Ana

"Thank you so much for the photo's, I love them. I really feel confident now - able to look more professional. Thank you so much" - Anaya Pilates