Our Team

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Sarah Alice Lee

Sarah is a teacher whose passion lies within the healing power of yoga. As a competitive gymnast in her youth, Sarah always understood that movement was integral to maintaining a healthy body and mind but it was her own journey with yoga whilst trying to navigate the after effects of the Christchurch Earthquakes in New Zealand, when she came to realise just how important that connection is. Yin Yoga at this time was the only thing that was able to calm her over stimulated nervous system and it lead to a fascination on how stress and trauma (such as enduring thousands of aftershocks) effected the body on a cellular level and why yoga was so effective at bringing the body back into balance.

So inspired by the positive benefits she had experienced in health as a result of her yoga practice, Sarah trained to become a teacher and has never looked back. In 2016 she moved back to the U.K after a decade living abroad and now shares her time between the yoga studio, photography studio, and swimming pools (see http://saltysoulsphotography.com).

When she is not teaching, Sarah specialises in capturing the yoga community. She caters for studios needing professional images of their space, head shots of their staff and works with individual teachers to create stunning imagery for their websites and branding. She also photographs events and yoga festivals.

Sarah has a BA(hons) in Photographic Communication from University of Falmouth.


Andrew Murphy

Andrew with his extensive experience as a management consultant is the amazing guy that brings all of our creative projects together. Whereas Sarah is the right brain dominated visualiser, Andrew is the left brain dominated logistics man and who supports all of our clients business needs.