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Sarah Alice Lee

I am a Yogi. I am a Teacher. I am an Image Maker. I live wholeheartedly and am driven by passion for people and connection.

As a self-proclaimed mermaid I focused much of my work underwater in the early years of my career photographing everything from babies to Great white sharks. I have a BA (hons)  in photographic communication from University College Falmouth and qualified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor whilst studying towards my degree. 

To me beauty is everywhere and I’m constantly astonished where my visual eye takes me, sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to let go of preconceptions and allow yourself to see it.

 It was after my experience in the Christchurch Earthquakes New Zealand (where I was living at the time) that I turned to Yoga. Initially I practiced to manage the adrenalin overload in my body but then everything changed for me. Yoga was no longer just about the physical practice it became a way of life and I wanted to capture it with my camera.

As a photographer our job is to “Paint with light” (greek origin of the word). As a yogi we move with it and recognise the light within. Love is where the light is.

I now cater for studios needing professional images of their space, headshots of their staff and I work with individual teachers to create stunning imagery for their websites and branding. I also have the pleasure of being invited to photograph at events and wellness retreats. I’m a people person who can get even the most camera shy person to relax in front of the lens and allow their personality to shine, working organically to make natural images that tell a person’s story. 

I am also passionate about teaching yoga;

I am a Blissology 200hr trained Yoga teacher. I teach Power Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin.  After my initial training in Bali I went on to complete the teachers development program with The Ralston Method in New Zealand. This allowed me to development an extensive knowledge of anatomy and alignment.

In 2017 I completed my Stotts Pliates teacher training and Pilates and Yoga Pre and Antenatal teacher training.

So that’s me in a nutshell, I’m an artist and a yogi who goes from the photography studio straight to the yoga studio. When not in a studio you will find me at the beach or in the forest. I need to plug into nature, hear and smell the ocean, some days that means meditating on the sand other days it’s just going for a run by it. I believe that I am solar powered (aren’t we all) and blissfully becoming more of a crystal hugger everyday. 



Andrew Murphy

Andrew with his extensive experience as a management consultant is the amazing guy that brings all of our creative projects together. Whereas Sarah is the right brain dominated visualiser, Andrew is the left brain dominated logistics man and who supports all of our clients business needs.