A few weeks back I had the pleasure to meet and photograph yoga teacher Jennifer Nicholas. I love photographing pregnancy and as you know, I adore shooting yoga, so when Jen mentioned in our initial correspondence that she specialises in teaching pregnancy yoga and that she, herself, was actually 33 weeks pregnant I knew that I wanted to work with her.

We were blessed with a beautiful golden morning in Hove on the day of the shoot, Jen was 35 weeks pregnant at the time and absolutely glowing. Her practice was inspiring and a wonder to capture.

These are some of my favourite images from our morning together and here is a little more about Jennifer and the work she does:


Founded by Jennifer Nicholas

Mother, Yoga Teacher, Gardener

Based in Brighton, UK Earth2Soul helps mothers, and their families, to improve their health and wellbeing through yoga, real food and natural parenting.

”I AIM to inspire your family to cherish every day, every moment and make the most of this glorious life. Move, dance, eat well, sing, make friends, get outdoors, do whatever makes you feel alive. Appreciate nature. Slow down, relax. Be patient, be still, be silent. Be true to yourself. Love yourself and each other. Give big, happy hugs and be kind. When you do your love will overflow to those around you - making our planet a more harmonious place to live.”

For more information please visit her website: